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Karpenisi Mountain Gateway


…Reading your thinking

   1st thought: “Mountain getaway Karpenisi

2nd thought: “Evrytanian nature, adventure, recreation, relaxation, warm hospitality”

If for you the above words are the key to a memorable stay in Evrytania Karpenisi, then select a hostel that will surely meet your expectations. The hostel ‘CORNER’ ‘combines yesterday and tomorrow to create harmony today and impresses!

  3rd thought “Looking for a hotel in the heart of Haryana to provide comfort and convenience during my stay there”

At the top of the small village, just 10 km from Karpenisi, the pilgrimage road, lost in the green and surrounded by majestic mountains Evritania lies our small hotel. Our corner are made from local wood and stone, materials sculptured with love and care. Our hostel is perfectly functional and exudes from the first time a sense of intimacy and warmth. Our lodging offers rooms with fireplace, family, and small nests for two combining traditional architecture with modern elegance and promises unique moments to its guests. Every morning with your senses awaken as you enjoy the homemade breakfast with panoramic views of the village of Little Village and surrounding mountains from the breakfast room in the winter by the fireplace, or on our stone patio in the summer, in a unique natural beauty! Our hostel in cooperation with alternative tourism companies organize activities in nature-as the AGE horse riding, climbing, rafting etc. always accompanied by experienced guides.

Happy couple drinking wine

4th thought “My corner in Karpenisi”

Your Corner ‘awaits you !! Our hotel is ready to meet the demands of all guests as leisure tourists, professionals, couples, families, athletes … think what you’re thinking … wait you ..

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